Washington Huskies Opponent Defensive Preview: Washington State Cougars ( News Washington )

Whether it was the Huskies’ undefeated home run this year, our best road win against the Ducks in 20 years, or a quick return to the CFP titles, by almost no measure, Kalen DeBoer’s first season in Montlake has been resonating so far. . But a successful season is not complete without a victory in the Apple Cup. After last year’s Apple Cup, the Huskies are looking for some revenge in Pullman, but Wazzu DC-HC Jake Dickert’s defense looks like one of the most solid conference units and is hanging on to slow down our high-flying offense.

Schema & personnel


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After a strong performance with last year’s WSU HC, the Cougs removed the interim tag and kept Dickert as their new HC. Throughout his tenth year in Pullman, Dickert’s defenses punched above their weight, playing an aggressive style of defense. The base of their defense is built around the popular 4-2-5 and even fronts that have become ubiquitous in the conference, but it’s the combination of offensive packages and DL plays with savvy, technically sound coverage on the back end that have elevated them. to play

Similar to Oregon State’s defense, WSU plays for impact through a system that tries to create talent. Coug DL plays a ton of 1-slot skills and aggressive pursuit from DEs with the goal of creating maximum chaos in the backfield. This makes the defense susceptible to perimeter runs when they chase the DEs over, but the defense’s plans for this mix are a mix of tight ends with their LBs and nickel DBs, as well as a lot of run support from the CBs who are closer to the play. LOS than you would expect for a team that relies on 1-high shells. These tight end runs also help set up Dickert’s zone blitzes that bring DBs and LBs from all angles. If the offense doesn’t suspect anything when the CB is regularly on the LOS or near the box line, it won’t be obvious to say when the DB breaks on the snap.

The college itself: OCT 1 Col.  in Washington state

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From a personnel perspective, the Cougs are loaded with impact classes and experienced transfers from smaller programs. LB Daiyan Henley is a RS Senior transfer from Nevada, and he was the defense’s all-time leading scorer. With a nearly 40 tackle lead over the 2nd leading tackler on the team (102 total), Henley was extremely active. He also has the most 2 sacks on the team with 4. Safety Sam Lockett III is another player to keep an eye on. He is one of the better tacklers on the team and leads the team in interceptions. In fact, the most basic defense is a good weapon, which is why it is so difficult to pass to their defense. They cover the zone blitz technique pretty well, but even if you correctly identify the pressure and soft spot in the zone, their LBs and DBs are so well occupied that they are not starved or starved of the defense no matter how much pressure they bring. they do. According to PFF, the closest thing they have to defending the weak link is DB Derrick Langford Jr. tackles and run defense where we can use some types that can bring him into a suitable course.

Keys to the Game

Colorado v. Washington

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For our offense, the key to the game will be the offensive line and the ability to control the aggressive Coug DL. We looked to have found a key schematic weakness against the Buffaloes last week that we kept attacking, and it resulted in a very quick performance this season. We must do the same this week. Oregon and Utah were both able to take advantage of the Cougar DEs’ aggressive style of play by leaning against the force and running concepts that flipped the script in an aggressive DE push upfield. On power and counter concepts, one blocker blocks the defender’s line, and the other drives the ball through the hole to the second level. A DE that gets farther upfield widens the running lane to the lead blockers and more or less does the kick blocker’s job for them. This then leaves the DBs in run help very vulnerable to a lead blocker with a full head of steam. Those reasons run in our playbook, but we don’t use them very often. This week could make a good week.

In the passing attack, WSU is very aggressive on jump routes, and is particularly aggressive against quick perimeter screens. On the other hand, I would like to look for a few more shooting stories with a double movement, and one way it will be enough for these stories to take time to unfold if we lean in our voids. This defense thrives on creating confused looks at the LOS where the OL and QB don’t know who is the real threat and who will drop in coverage. Our empty defenses force them to spread out and declare their purpose ahead of time. Even if they have a deep and experienced DL rotation, I’d rather see our OL blocking the card man for man rather than Dickert playing a decisive role in the game.

If we can use a few key features, we should be able to score close to normal. WSU is undefeated when holding opponents under 20 and sloppy when opponents score over sixty. 40 Let us send them.

Go Dawgs!


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