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Washington County commissioners issued a permit to Pickering Associates on Thursday for a feasibility study of Wasco County architecture to build a vacant building on Muskingum Drive.

The proposed building is the location of the county’s 831st operation, but the 20,000-square-foot space offers several possibilities for housing other tenants besides 911.

The order from Pickering, which has offices in Parkersburg and Athens, came in at $22,500. Another good deal was received from DesignGroup Architects of Columbus for $25,000. Both firms indicated that they would agree to a flat, fixed, fee-free amount “Additional reimbursable costs” included in the contract language.

This is basically a feasibility study to show how the 911 operation can be best accommodated and what can be done with the remaining space, Commission Chairman Charlie Schilling said.

“We’re deciding what’s best for co-existing with 911.” he said, adding that there are many possibilities, including one of several county departments that may move there. “We need to narrow it down before we go any further.”

Pickering’s information can be drawn from Jan 15.

In other business, lawmakers approved $50,000 from their American Rescue Plan Act funds to help the Reno Area Water and Sewer District install a new telemetry system. The old telemetry system had been in place for more than 40 years and was failing.

In a letter to the ambassadors, water district officials said that the old parochial parts of the systems were required to be run manually at all hours of the day and night, and there was no way to know exactly when the system was included in the operations to prevent the need. lake from flooding. The new system allows the district to provide water service continuously, without interruption, the letter said.

In addition, it gives the staff maximum efficiency in dealing with problems as quickly as possible.

Commissioners received an application from Roger Wright County Engineer for a critical infrastructure grant program for the critical infrastructure program Community Blockade in Lowell at Cat Creek for the new 76 Bridge in Lowell. This was the first time Wright had used this type of grant, he said, and it was a little different from the others he had done. But the grant would cover 65% of a $564,000 bridge, so it might be worth a try, he said.

Wright County said 76 is a very busy road and will be an inconvenience as work progresses and is closed to traffic. But the season will try to close the road in May, June and July, when there is no school traffic.

Commissioners also approved a second revised version of the joint user agreement with the Historic Harmar Bridge Company and the City of Marietta. The county approved an initial version of the agreement from HHBC several weeks ago. In approving Marietta’s request, HHBC made the changes the city wanted.

All three groups are now participants in the revised version. Among other things, the general user agreement will help HHBC use an Ohio House Bill 687 capital grant appropriation to recover the $50,000 that was raised and completed to have the bridge underwater and superstructure inspected.

The Washington County Courthouse is closed on November 24th and November 25th for Thanksgiving. Schilling said that employees under the jurisdiction of the commissioners should be paid on Fridays, but he feels that this should not be a department-by-department policy where some employees get paid on a Friday holiday and some do not.

“I think it’s important to see this in the future” he said.

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