These are the states where Thanksgiving dinner will be the biggest and least expensive this year ( News Hawaii )

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving in Kansas, rejoice: There’s nothing cheaper than buying and deconstructing a turkey in 2012.

A new Thanksgiving meal dashboard compiled by researchers at Purdue University finds that Kansas is the most affordable state in the union for purchasing ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner this year. A 12-person spread costs $70.89, on average, in the state of Sunflower.

Inflation has pushed the average cost of a 12-person Thanksgiving dinner nationally to $80.06, according to the Purdue Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability.

The researchers estimated the prices of online supermarkets visited across the country. The national average takes a holiday meal, including a 16-pound turkey, at $33.31; five pounds of potatoes, at $9.93; two pounds of green beans, at $7.38; and a gallon of milk, at $4.54, among other expenses. Taba does not include bottles of wine or more expensive sides.

The remote states of Hawaii and Alaska are the most expensive in the average price for a turkey and a cut for 12, at $97.07 and $87.57, respectively. Rounding out the top 10: South Dakota ($86.06), Nebraska ($85.43), California ($84.57), Oregon ($83.89), Colorado ($83.82), Nevada ($83.61), New York ($83.45), and Maryland ($83.33).

“Ships,” said the manager of the New Sagaya City Market in Anchorage, Alaska, whose name is Mike B. “We ship everything. And the food costs, of course, so the shipping costs are up.”

The most affordable states to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner are usually in the South. A meal of 12 costs less than $75 in Kansas, Georgia, Alabama, Missouri, Florida, the Carolinas and South Tennessee. Arkansas, Mississippi and Montana are 10th overall.

Organic ingredients push the cost of a meal up to the national average of $98.89. Vegetarian options drop to $64, with tofu subbing for turkey.

The new dashboard offers an alternative to the American Business Federation, which has had free Thanksgiving dashboards for 37 years. Using slightly different methods and math, the Fund Bureau reported that a slight decrease in compensation for 10 Thanksgivings will cost $64.05 this year, from $53.31 in 2021.

Turkey prices are up as much as 20 percent this year, said Jayson Lusk, a Purdue economist who maintains a Thanksgiving dashboard.

“Why are the prices higher this year?” he writes in his style. “The potential answer is vian influenza (aka ‘bird flu’)). According to federal data, the disease has killed nearly 8 million turkeys this year.

Is this the most expensive Thanksgiving ever? Quick answer: No. With prices rising, but after adjusting for inflation, Thanksgiving dinner cost more in the 1980s or 1990s than it does now.

Turkey consumption is on the decline, down roughly 1 pound per capita (from 16.5 pounds to 15.3 pounds) since 2017, Lusk reports. Food demand seems to be dipping, perhaps because of the pandemic, or perhaps because of changing tastes.

“This downward shift in demand, coupled with higher prices, means fewer turkeys on the Thanksgiving table this year,” writes Lusk.

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