The New York Jets fell out of a playoff position, and Zach Wilson paid the price ( News New York )

After a tough outing against the New England Patriots on Sunday, New York Jets QB Zach Wilson dismissed the notion that he and the Jets’ offense were let down during a 10-3 loss.

Now Wilson has to wonder if he will take the field with that unit the next time the Jets play a game.

Speaking to the media on Monday afternoon, Lakers head coach Robert Saleh told reporters that “they didn’t” Wilson as the team’s fourth quarter in Week 12, when they take on the Bears. Saleh told reporters that “observing everything on the table“When the QB is in place.

Saleh also addressed Wilson’s postgame comments. Against the Patriots’ defense Sunday, the Jets held New England to just three possessions, held them to a critical fourth down in the game, sacked Mac Jones six times, and held the Patriots’ rushing attack to under 100 yards. When you put up those kinds of defensive numbers, you tend to win the football game.

However, Wilson and the Jets’ offense have struggled, and much of the discussion has centered on the loss of a string in the play of the quarter. The second-year passer hit just 9 of 22 passes for 77 yards, and after the game he put his focus on the wind — and elsewhere — while deflecting the blame.

Wilson’s comments drew attention both outside the Jets’ closet, and apparently also inside. Saleh addressed those comments on Monday:

The head coach also addressed comments from rookie wide receiver Garrett Wilson, who called out the team for the “painful” effort;

The head coach indicated that he would address the matter with Wilson, who was informed that it was his the airand that the QB took the treatment “professionally”.

In many ways, Saleh had no choice but to open the door to quarter change. While the Jets’ loss on Sunday dropped a bit in the game, this is still a talented team with one of the best defenses in the NFL. The head coach knows the window is open for a playoff run, and he runs the risk of losing the roster — and the veterans on the roster — if he doesn’t address the flow that’s holding the team back.

This surpasses Wilson’s comments. Yes, leadership is a huge part of the quarterback position, and teams need a QB to take the blame for offensive struggles, even when there are other issues at play. He is the ultimate “goat with me” position in the game, and Wilson questions or shifts the blame to the weather, showing a lack of understanding of what his teammates will see, and how they will interpret it.

But there is a bigger story on the field. Wilson seems to have taken a step back this season, from his foot in the pocket – even when clean, but especially when under pressure – to decision-making and ball placement. He lacks easy shots, he lacks big play opportunities because his eyes and feet are not in synch, and his play under pressure is perhaps the worst in the league. According to charting data from Pro Football Pro, Wilson has a passing completion percentage of 41.4% this season.

Placing him 38 out of 39 passers.

The villains are in control of the theater, but because of Sunday’s loss, if the season started today, they would be watching from home along with the rest. For Lyons has something to change to avoid fate.

And today, the head coach opened the door to a change coming to the quarterback position.


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