The Fairfield school district is considering facility upgrades and new buildings ( News Iowa )

FAIRFIELD – The Fairfield Community School District recently held a pair of public outreach sessions to help provide for the district’s facility needs.

On Monday and Tuesday, November 21, the Act of the building of the district trained a team of architects from FEH Davenport Design, which the school board needs to study the area for a long time, and as much as possible to accommodate with or with. existing buildings or through new buildings.

Members of FEH Design gave two formal presentations, one on Monday and the other on Tuesday, with a full day of interviews with members of the public about their desires or concerns for the district’s facilities. The architects discussed various scenarios for the future of the area, such as where the steps could be moved, which buildings could be arranged if needed, and the best possible locations for new construction.

Tyler Lee, project architect with FEH Design, said his job is to listen to the public’s concerns and propose solutions. For example, if the district government felt that one of the buildings was too old and could not be repaired, how can the district accommodate those steps in another building?

“So if one of the elementary schools were to close, how do we transfer those grades to other buildings with additions,” Riley said. “So far, we have not yet found similar opinions. There is a comment to improve the buildings for the health of the whole community, which should be good and thoughtful to evaluate the buildings that can grow in Fairfield in the next 30-50 years.

Riley and the other engineers spent two days working on the scenarios at hand for various improvements and reconfigurations of the building. They came up with 14 missions and called them according to the number of buildings they were interested in. For example, the 4A proposal involves maintaining all four buildings—the high school, the middle school, Pence Elementary and Washington Elementary—and making additions to each of the short addresses. The other one, like casino 4B, looks at new middle schools and makes high schools better.

Architects created pictures of how Fairfield could reduce the number of buildings to a cost-saving measure. For example, option 3A involves keeping the middle and high schools, but building a new elementary school for all elementary grades.

“We’re going to talk through the pros and cons of each of these options,” Leo said.

Leo said the village wants to involve the community as much as possible in choosing the best option.

“It’s a community process, not a district eviction,” he said. “While we will listen to teachers and management, we still need the community to tell us what they feel is important.”

Kevin Eipperle, another architect with FEH Design, said that doing any work is an investment in your resources, but before you make an investment, you need to spend it wisely.

“You don’t want to put a new roof on a building that won’t be there five years from now,” he said.

Eipperle is said to be a village with a levee declining to Atreum. Just before the pandemic hit in March 2020, the Fairfield school district had lost about 200 students in the previous decade.

“Last year, the district lost 14 students,” Eipperle said. “It’s not a huge number when you spread across 13 grades, but it’s almost a full elementary school. If this continues, for 10 years, this becomes 140 students [down]. Will we have four buildings in the future, or will we have to prepare for three buildings now?”

Eipperle said that a number of scenarios have looked at different shapes for four or three buildings, but the architects have written plans to have as few as two buildings or one large building on all levels. He said one scenario was looking at putting all the grades into a new building at the middle school, since it has the most space to accommodate the new building, and another project he was working on was looking at accommodating all the grades on the FHS campus.

From September through November, FEH Design conducted a series of meetings with an advisory group formed to study the district’s facility needs. This task force will meet again on Wednesday, November 30, to review what was learned in the two breakout sessions and how the district is proceeding.

Tyler Leo, an architect with FEH Project Design, creates a drawing for a possible reconfiguration of buildings in the Fairfield area. (Andy Hallman/The Union)

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FEH Design Architects Kevin Eipperle, left, and Danny Sharp draw plans for various scenarios that could be made for additions to buildings in the Fairfield school district. (Andy Hallman/The Union)

Michael Gehl, an architect with FEH Design, drew tapes on a wall at the Fairfield ACT Building showing possible extensions for the district’s buildings, which ranged from making additions to all four buildings, to combining the levels into three or two or one structure. (Andy Hallman/The Union)


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