A veteran law enforcement officer was honored at the funeral

Mark Sundermeier, a long-time driver with various organizations, celebrated his centenary on Saturday afternoon as hundreds attended his funeral. Sundermeier died while scuba diving in Hawaii in October. He served in the Omaha Police Department for 25 years before founding and serving as Sergeant. in the Metropolitan College Police Department. At the time of Sundermeier's death, he was serving as a part-time officer with the Bennington Police Department. "He had an honor," said Mike Roth, Sundermeier's cousin. "Honored" is the best word I could use to describe Mark. He always kept his head and always did the right thing. The Sundermeier family watched and listened as kids, relatives and people who had crossed paths with Mark throughout his life spoke. What Marcus wanted them to do. "So many people here…
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