Historical trauma impact in the most accurate total Hawaiian child focus study ( News Hawaii )

Trauma-informed workforce development supporting justice-involved youth Hawai’i. The effects of traumatic colonization, especially forced separation Hawai’iabounds ʻāinawhich results in multiple, interconnected, health disparities in Native Hawaiian communities today and especially in “opio” (adolescence), the focus of new research from the university Hawai’i at the Mānoa Thompson School of Social Work & Public Health. “Ke ala … Read more

International videographer highlights photography mag UH ( News Hawaii )

The fascination for capturing “people of different cultures living their daily lives” is what inspires the work of the University Hawai’i videographer Jeff DePonte. A call to the pennants a International Lens Magazine for his issue of “Culture” led him to submit his street photography during a 2014 trip to Phnom Penh, the capital city … Read more