Runners Suffer Heat Injuries During Record-Hot New York Marathon

New York
About 50,000 people registered for the New York City Marathon this year. It was the first class to full capacity from 2019 and the beginning of the pandemic. However, not all of them finished the marathon. More than 2,000 runners did not cross the finish line before the cut off time. That number is almost twice as many non-finishers as in 2019, when there were even more starters in the race.One factor that likely accounts for the difference: the weather. It was on race day 2019 about 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 43% humidity. This year it was more than 20 degrees warmer and much more humid. Indeed, Sunday, November 6 was the hottest on record for New York City's Central Park. At the finish line, it reached 75 Fahrenheit (24…
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