Sioux City’s drinking water levels exceeded health advisories, the Council heard a presentation on Monday

SIOUX CITY - Sioux City's drinking water has exceeded health advisory levels in recent months because of man-made compounds used in refractories to heat and repel oil and water, according to documents from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Sioux City Utilities Director Brad Puetz is scheduled to present at Monday's City Council meeting on updated health advisory levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and their effect on drinking water. "The EPA has recently updated health advisory levels for PFAS compounds as they inform drinking water. PFAS compounds have been detected in source water and in the Southbridge Sioux water plant," the policy information states. US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack answers a question about how the USDA can help municipalities that are working to ensure clean drinking water…
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