The roof of the Swiss Alps open up to the New York Peninsula

New York
Chalet de Ning, opening December 1 at the New York Peninsulahechlerphotographers.comA gallery might certainly have been like it on a mountain in the Alps; there are movies shot, fireplaces in front of the fireplace, snowballs, cowbells, fondues galore. But starting on December 1St*, this portrait of the slopeside restaurant/club Paradisi operated by the Badrutt Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, will open Salon de Ning on the West Terrace of the Peninsula in New York. It is now called the Chalet de Ning and enclosed in two glass domes, through which the torches show their true location, it has decided to remain in place until December 31.St*. Badrutt Palace Hotel in St MoritzBadrutt Hotel's PalaceThe collaboration between the two hotels seems to be a natural fit, according to Richard Leuenberger, managing…
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