Holiday cornucopia: New York markets stock up on goodies for the Thanksgiving holiday National ( News New York )

NEW YORK (AP) — It was early morning, and the docks at New York’s biggest market were freezing. Thanksgiving was inching closer, and the sacks of onions, potatoes and carrots could be flying. Among the buzz, buyers and sellers are finalizing on tomatoes, scabies and lettuce. Trucks stood ready to haul the bounty – cornucopias … Read more

‘Behold the bride’: the White House at its 19th wedding reception | Washington

WASHINGTON (AP) — “Behold the Bride” will soon be heard in the White House. Again. Naomi BidenThe daughter of President Joe Biden and Peter Neal married on Saturday in the South Lawn in the 19th wedding history of the White House. It will be the first wedding with a president’s granddaughter as a bride, and … Read more