NY voters rejected Asian Dems, Zeldin and GOP on crime, education

New York’s once blue-collar Asian-American voters — fed up with crime, discrimination and poor education — have turned to the Democratic Party with a vengeance, a post-election analysis shows. In an unusual development, Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin won a majority of the 40th Asian Convention in Flushing/Bayside Queens over victorious Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul … Read more

NYC Mayor Eric Adams warns Democrats about wrong attitude, concerns top voter

Big Apple Mayor Eric Adams blasted Democrats for having a “wrong attitude” when addressing top voter concerns in an op-ed Sunday — after months of criticizing fears of crime in the “perception” of rising and refusing to let Gov. Kathy Hochul to lead the business. a hot-button issue. “New York is the safest big city … Read more

The media’s lame-duck election can’t mask New Yorkers’ concerns about crime

In New York’s presidential polls, they were clear: They want a safer city, but they’re not nervous enough to vote Republican. That’s fine — but the Democrats and their allies respond with a gallows. We know why GOP gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin got 30.3% of the vote in a city where only 10% of voters … Read more

If Democrats want a shot at losing the House, Mike Gianaris is their man

It seems increasingly likely that New York will make the difference in what the US House of Representatives will claim for the GOP last week, as Republicans flipped four seats held by Democrats. And while Gov. Kathy Hochul at the top of the ticket (or inspiring Lee Zeldin to run for the GOP) has played … Read more

Kathy Hochul is indebted to the Work Family Party

Gov. Kathy Hochul now faces a debt to the far left, but just how much it pertains to the Working Families Party — which took public credit for getting her elected to a full term — remains to be seen, according to Albany pols and insiders. the Post reported. Hochul, who has tried to position … Read more

New Yorkers urge Gov. Hochul to ‘get crime under control’

Fed-up New Yorkers begged Gov. Kathy Hochul to get crime under control after surprisingly narrowly winning a “unanimous” gubernatorial election – where she deflected concerns about rising crime in the Big Apple. “The people of New York complain about high crime and crime on the subway, so why did they vote for Hochul?” Steve Bakali, … Read more