USC rebounded under Pete Carroll thanks to a big LA win at Notre Dame ( News Iowa )

The USC Trojans are climbing to the highest level in college football in year 1 under Leo Lincoln. It should be noted that 20 years ago, USC rose from the ashes under coach Pete Carroll. One of the pivotal moments in the Trojans’ ascent was their 2002 Notre Dame triumph, which sealed the Heisman Trophy … Read more

There are many ways to defeat Bedlam in a huge way ( News Oklahoma )

After missing the previous two Oklahoma City home games due to vacations/Oklahoma Hockey related, the “Out of the Study Section” is back for the final OU home game. The Rockets’ 28-13 victory over Oklahoma State was one of the most successful victories that were entertaining to watch. No. 22 Cowboys out of the ranks entirely … Read more

Team recruiting rankings after Vasek flip to Texas

Colton Vasek’s flip to Texas was surprising but perhaps not nearly as surprising as the job, to begin with. Vasek comes from a family of Longhorns and lives in Austin. And so the fact that Brent Venables, Miguel Chavis and Todd Bates were able to pull off a role that was serious in the first … Read more