The nearest black hole is in our cosmic backyard

A bigger view. | Artist's concept of the black hole Gaia BH1, close to its companion star. It is the closest black hole to Earth found so far, discovered with the Gemini North telescope in Hawaii. Image via International Gemini Observatory/ NOIRLab/ NSF/ AURA/ J. da Silva/ Spaceengine/ M. Zamani.Star-mass black holes are amazing and fascinating. They are also usually far away, perhaps spread throughout our galaxy and other galaxies. On November 2, 2022, astronomers using the Gemini North telescope in Hawaii said they had found the closest black hole yet to Earth called Gaia BH1. The black hole was about 1,600 light years away, in the direction of our constellation Ophiuchus the Serpent. That is still a long way off. But it is the closest to a black hole.…
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