Surfboard fin keys made from recycled plastic wins $1K innovation award ( News Hawaii )

Diego Chavez poses for a photo with David and Roselyn Yun, sponsors of the $1,000 Promise Award. The congregation is led by the University of Hawai’i A student at Mānoa who uses recycled plastic to produce key fins for surfboards has won a $1,000 innovation award from Uh Challenge Breakthrough Innovation. The company was one … Read more

The public health program offers HS college credits to incoming UH students

Students participate in a community building project at Ka Papa Lo’i O Kānewai. Launching in the summer of 2022, the Summer Community Health Schools Program offered by the University of Hawai’i at the Mānoa Thompson School of Social Work & Public Health provides college credit for local and incoming students. Uh college students with backgrounds … Read more

The Kaiser HS Peace and Sustainability Garden grows plants and students

Paul Balazs and his students at Kaiser High School’s Peace and Sustainability Garden. Paul BalazsCollege of Education (COE) student teacher, is making a big impact with his peace and sustainability garden at Kaiser High School. enrolled in the Department of Curriculum Studies (EDCS) Balazs says that “the learning that takes place in the garden helps … Read more

UH technology is growing for future Artemis missions to the Moon, Tuesday

CubeSat kit NASAThe next launch attempt for the Artemis I mission is on November 16 at 1:04 am it is ( November 15 8:04 pm ) HST) and the University of Hawai’i At Mānoa, researchers have created new technologies to help the Artemis project. Uh Inquisitors of Mānoa from the Hawai’i Institute of Geophysics and … Read more

UH Mānoa’s student leadership organization hosts the regional conference

A discussion chat session sharing the ideas of engineering students across the west coast and beyond. More than 60 engineering student leaders from the western United States attended the conference from the University Hawai’i at Mānoa College the students themselves, which showcased Hawai’ihimself and his leadership. ECUH 2022 I was born Western Conference members and … Read more

The face of Nike’s Indigenous collection is Kānaka ʻōiwi grad student

A billboard previewing the collection was on display in New York City’s Time Square University Hawai’i at Mānoa haumāna (student) working toward a master’s degree in the College of Education, is the new face of athletic apparel giant Nike’s N7 collection. Pi’ikea Lopes Pi’ikea Kekīhenelehuawehiikekau’ōnohi Lopes who is the reigning 2022 Miss Aloha Hula after … Read more