Sewickley native Josh Green has been elected as the next governor of Hawaii ( News Hawaii )

HONOLULU – Lt. Gov. Josh Green, a Democrat, on Tuesday defeated Republican former Lt. Gov. Aion is the next leader of Hawaii and vows to tackle the country’s most difficult problems.

“Tonight is the first day of that new era where our leaders begin to do more to listen, to care and to work on the issues that affect us all, that affects you,” Green told the crowd at the Democratic Party’s election celebration. .

Green, a Sewickley native and 1988 Quaker Valley graduate, said his election was about the dreams and aspirations of the people of Hawaii.

“We will take on problems that seemed too difficult to solve or impossible to fight,” he said.

Both Green and Aiona have placed disability housing in Hawaii as the most important issue for fundraisers and prospective administrations.

Statewide, the median price for a single family has topped $900,000 during the coronavirus pandemic. That’s among the highest in the nation, even though many in Hawaii work in the low-wage tourism industry and the service industry. On Oahu, the median is more than $1 million.


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Green said he would encourage the construction of 10,000 new housing units to help address the housing shortage. It aims to crack down on vacation rentals and rents on vacant homes to encourage property owners to open up vacant housing for renters.

Green is the second in command of Hawaii Gov. David Ige has served for the past four years. He was a prior, senator and legate of the state. Green was a doctor in a rural village on the Big Island before entering politics. He served part of the time as a physician in the republican Legislature and as a deputy governor.

Green follows the development of the covid-19 pandemic due to the development of infection rates and trends and the capacity of hospitals to treat them.

Green was born in Kingston, New York, and grew up near Pittsburgh. He moved to Hawaii with the National Health Corps in 2000.

Green was heavily favored to beat Aion, who ran unsuccessfully for office in 2010 and 2014.

Aiona, who is a Native Hawaiian, was a family court judge and Circuit Court judge for the president. It focuses on Hawaii’s drug program, which offers rehabilitation to non-violent offenders as an alternative to prison.

In the trail campaign, Aiona proposed to develop affordable housing that would be kept affordable in perpetuity. For example, take an affordable property designated for buyers with 80% of the median area income. When it’s time to sell, the buyers of those units are only allowed to sell to buyers who are also in the 80% area median income bracket.

He said this would preserve housing for local residents.

Aiona laments that many Hawaiians cannot afford to live in their homeland.

“I have heard too many stories about families where the children cannot return, the grandchildren cannot return. And in the housing all the ties “Aiona said to the interview about his affairs during the war.

Green has vowed to protect abortion rights after the US Supreme Court this year overturned his 49-year-old precedent guaranteeing a national abortion right. He used the opportunities in the debates to highlight Aion’s longstanding opposition to abortion.

Aiona responded by ruling that the Supreme Court did not change Hawaii’s law, which established the state’s right to abortion in 1970. He said the state of Hawaii’s abortion law should be decided, and he said the candidates would rather focus on other issues like crime.


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