No Records Bookend SMU Men’s Team’s Win at SMU Invitational ( News Hawaii )

No Records Bookend SMU Men’s Team’s Win at SMU Invitational

The Southern Methodist University men’s swimming team capped off the weekend with a record winning streak at the 2022 SMU Invitational.

The Mustangs started with a time of 1:17.17 in the 200 freestyle to finish one-eighth of a second off the mark set by the University of Texas last February. That was a foursome Justin Baker, Lance Pincerna, Cole Bruns and Charlie Kaye. Bruns, Butler and Kaye joined Wise Sungail to 2:52.95 in the 400 free, a .07 drop from the spring 2021 record (of which Butler and Kaye were also a part).

SMU scored 1,272 points over the three-day meet from Thursday to Saturday, some 450 points more than Drury in the men’s five-team event. San Diego State tallied 907 points to win the SMU Women’s Invitational, dominating the eight-team field and holding off 713 points matched by the University of Hawaii.

SMU Invitational Team Score

of women

  1. San Diego State 907
  2. Hawaii 713
  3. Miami (Fla.) 677
  4. SMU 666
  5. Wyoming 364
  6. Dry 358
  7. TCU 65
  8. Arkansas 44


  1. SMU 1272
  2. Drury 809
  3. Hawaii 690
  4. Wyoming 502
  5. TCU 138

SMU’s rushing depth went a long way to winning. Thus they swept the top four without 5 spots, and eight A grabbed the last six berths. Butler led the way in 19.54 seconds, with Baker trailing in 19.63, both B games. Bruns and Butler were second and third, respectively, in the 100. Sungail, who finished fourth in the fifty years, was third in the 200 free. He also won a smu, both of them at the table.

there Colin Feehery He played the part. He won the 200 individual sprint in 1.43.45, both himself and the runner Angus Corbeau the strike of the games B cuts. Feehery also won the 400 IM, in 3:43.82, with Cotton Fields and Corbeau following in ludorum considerations times, then Feehery won the 200 breast with Corbeau third. Fields added to the 200 fly title. Evan McCormick he was second in the chest C and Hunter Lund and Joshua Miller went 2-3 in the 1,650 free.

The only sectional meet was collected by Division II Drury, which more than held its own against Division I opposition. Dominic Karacic He went 46.41 in the prelims and just .01 slower in the finals to win the 100 fly in an automatic qualifying time. That is also true Nathan Bighetti who dropped 3.5 seconds from the prelims to break through the A flag in the 200 back final with a time of 1:42.82. Cameron Craig he was just a tenth of a second off adding a third such cut in the 100 free, 43.25 in the prelims before going 43.54 on the night. Craig narrowly missed the A cut with his time of 46.79 for second in the 100 fly.

The Panthers took a lot of hardware that day. Karacic was second in the 200 fly master’s year. Bighetti also won the 100 back. That was 1-2 with a teammate Kham Glass where 200 was 1-2 with Andreas Roderici John Nogueira and Anisse Djaballah He took the top two spots in the 500 free, then joined Craig and Karacic to win the 800 free. David Mourao I conquered Pecri in the third year of the Lord 1000, in the year of the Lord 1000 He joined Bighetti, Karacic and Glass to win the 200 freestyle.

Wyoming picked up a pair of distance wins. Quinn Cynor went 1:36.62 to upset Hawaii’s Mario Surkovic; 1:35 in the morning to win 200 free. Charles Clark He won the suffering.

The women’s meet ended with both a pool record, the fourth out of five race wins for the Hawaiian team which nevertheless sat second in the overall team standings. Holly Nelson, Laticia-Leigh Transom, Anna Friedrich and Gabrielle Williams-Scudamore clocked in at 3:16.45, cutting a second and a half off the pool mark set by SMU in the spring. Transom and Frederick won in all four measures, Williams-Scudamore and Nelson were in three each.

Transom, USC’s transfer details are extremely difficult to meet. She won the 50 free, 100 free and 200 free, all in the B cut, and added a B cut in the C fly as a runner-up to SMU’s Valentina Becerra

The city of San Diego, though, prevailed at its height. The Aztecs only got three results, none of them organized, but it was enough.

Kristina Murphy Won the 400 IM in six seconds, cutting 4th place in the B games, 13.56. He added a third in the 20 IM, a third in the C chest, and a third in the 20 chest. Alex Roberts He went 1:55.26 to win the 200 back and orchestrated a 1-2-3 finish in the 100 back with his winning time of 52.90. Wilma Johansson added 1:59.13 to the field best in the 200 fly. Also, Johansson was third in the 200 children Meredith Smithbaker It was the second book in the year 100 and the fourth in 50.

The 200 breast was arguably the stage of the day, featuring five B cuts. Tara Vovk won, 2:10.24, 1.6 seconds ahead of the field. He matched well with the pool record in the 100 breast, a 58.89 that shared the record from Michigan. Letitia Sim and USC’s Kaitlyn Dobler at 59.09 Vovk also won the 200 IM in 1:57.22.

He was SDSU’s second in the 200 breast Christiana Williams Murphy took the spot. Zorry Mason Vovk, who had been second in the breaststroke 100 and 200 IM, finished fourth, followed by his Miami teammate Giulia Carvalho who was second in the 50 free and third in the 100 fly on consecutive Thursdays. Miami was the only block in Hawaii relay dominated, with Mason, Vovk, Carvalho and Jacey Hinton teaming on their edge by .22 seconds to win the 200 dash.

As on the men’s side, Wyoming brought his wins far. Maisyn Klimczak won the D free in 4:47.13 and the stroke in 16:24.24, both B cuts. (Miami’s Aino Ottawa the second in the first and the third in CD IM).

SMU has three podium finishes from the diver Nicholas Stambo who won 3 meters and finished second in the other two competitions. TCU’s Anna Kwong I won 1 meter and there was a 3 meter runner up; a relative of the horned frog David Ekdahl and Maximilian Burmannus part of the vernaculars on the men’s side, but only by sending various

Notes on the SMU Invitational, the Ukrainian international Oleksiy Khnykin, those who set up Drury swim without deception. The D2 All-Americans, who represented their country at the European Championships this summer, went 19.81 in the 50 free, 43.68 in the 100 free, 1:38.00 in the 200 free and 47.10 in the 100 fly.


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