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There are many who think they’re spending the night in a haunted house — and if you are, New York state says they’ve got a place.

Interestingly, the survey found that only about a third of people want to buy a “vacant” house, and real estate agents know a lot if there is any rumor about the resort, asking prices are likely to drop. .

In the 1970s, Helen and George Ackley arrived at their home in Nyack, New York, only to soon report that it had “found habitation.” They lived there for three decades, being awakened from their beds by the shaking of their halls or the specters of ghosts roaming about.

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Everyone in the neighborhood knows the stories, but the family never reported any physical or emotional distress to the station – so when they sold the house in the 90s, they didn’t reveal anything to the buyers.

They went to court after the buyers tried to back out and Ackley’s wanted to keep their deposit.

“The actor, to his horror, discovered that the house (which he had recently contracted to buy) was widely believed to be possessed by poltergeists, who were seen repeatedly by the seller and his family members over the course of nine years.

The state of New York ruled that due to the public nature of the resort, it must be disclosed to all potential buyers before any money is transferred.

“The unusual facts of this case, as revealed by the evidence, clearly warrant equitable relief to the purchaser, who, as a resident of New York City, can have no familiarity with the popular town of Nyacke.” “

It didn’t happen, however, and this is where things got a little weird – because the prince declared the house legally vacant.

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“Since there is no place, the plaintiff could not easily identify the house that he had leased to buy. Whether the source of the ghostly apparitions seen by the defendant salesman were psychic or psychogenic, announcing their presence in a national publication (Reader’s Digest) and local newspapers (in 1977 and 1982, respectively), the defendant was given to deny their existence. and from the law the house is disturbed.’

In the remaining, increasingly odd rulings, the court proceeded to state that people should not expect to bring a medium or priest through inspections, and therefore potential attendance is not something that falls under “buyer caution.” the future

Most states in the US do not require a person to disclose the station, especially if the scans are private and you have not spoken about them.

Some states require auction houses to be “stigmatized” and “blighted” if that stigma could affect future resale value. This includes houses that are home to murders, deaths, or other more common criminal activities that occur in the immediate neighborhood (or beyond).

So, if I live in a state where the preaching of the Spirit is not required, it is good to believe my word.

But I mean, they’ll probably find out in the end – and you obviously can’t guess what the judge is going to do if you testify in court.

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