New York Republicans prepare for the next Congress ( News New York )

Republicans managed to pick up four congressional seats in New York in the middle – a great and remarkable pickup in the national elections that most lacked.

While New York Democrats in Congress are looking for answers about what went wrong for their candidates, these newly elected Republicans have their own ideas about what’s right.

What you need to know

  • Republicans won four congressional seats in New York during this midterm, two on Long Island and two in the Hudson Valley.
  • Republican Anthony D’Esposito fell in southern Nassau County, partly because he believes Rep.
  • Republicans say D’Esposito should use the thin majority of the House on issues that “really matter throughout this campaign,” such as growth and crime.
  • After the losses, NY Congressional Democrats called for an after-action review. Some want the state of Democratic President Jay Jacobs to be doomed

One of these incoming Republicans is former NYPD detective Anthony D’Esposito, who won in southern Nassau County, which carried Joe Biden by more than 14 percentage points in 2020.

As to how he turned it down, the designated Congressman points to several factors, including Rep. Lee Zeldin showing his strength in the presidential race.

“I think the combination of a great team both up and down the schedule, the crime, and of course what’s in people’s pockets – that’s what’s most important,” he said.

Last week, several House Republican leaders announced plans to launch investigations into the next year, including the business dealings of Hunter Biden’s son. Mayor D’Esposito is focused on his district so what does D’Esposito think the main focus should be given to Republicans in their slim House mayor?

“I think we need to show Nassau County, which is the county where the Democrats and Republicans are the majority, in terms of what they’ve dealt with in this campaign and what their pockets and crime were,” he said.

To the north, Dutch county executive Marc Molinaro flipped the field in Hudson Valley 19 New York.

Molinaro says the results show that American leaders want to come together, but he also argued that New York Republicans in Congress now have a key role to play.

“It’s our responsibility not only to provide the sheets and the balance sheet and the results here in Washington, but I think we should also talk to Albany when he’s acting in a way that New Yorkers don’t feel is right for them.”

Across the aisle, the losses have sparked soul-searching and finger-pointing for New York Democrats in the House. Some argue that the state of Democratic President Jay Jacobs needs to go.

“I think there needs to be a thorough autopsy of what happened from top to bottom, because I don’t think one person is going to change enough,” said Rep. Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman, who represents parts of the Bronx and Westchester counties.


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