Kris Murray scores a career high 30 points, Iowa crushes Omaha; ( News Iowa )

Iowa forward Kris Murray (24) shoots in the Hawkeyes’ 30th win over Omaha Monday night at Carver-Hawkeye Arena. (Nick Rohlman/The Gazette)

IOWA CITY — Sequels are often watered down versions of the originals.

That’s certainly not the case with “The Murray Show,” which once again plays to the rabid insights of Iowa men’s basketball viewers.

Last season, of course, Keegan Murray was an All-America forward who averaged 23.5 points for a Hawkeyes team that went 26-10. He averaged 7.2 points last season.

Keegan left for the Sacramento Kings last spring. Kris Murray stayed. He grabbed his twin brother’s torch and this time set his opponents on fire.

Murray scored a career-high 30 points Monday night in No. 25 Iowa’s 100-64 win over the Omaha Mavericks. That puts his scoring average at 23.8, after he averaged 9.7 last season. He has 59 points in his last two games for the 4-0 Hawkeyes.

Murray had the first blocked shot of the game.

“Yeah, I was crazy,” he said. “I don’t think I missed a shot until the last (of the first half).”

That’s right. He made 11 straight three-point attempts for 25 in the half, which ended with Iowa up 49-28. This was after a tough start for the Hawkeyes, who soon led 10-9 in the seventh minute.

“We weren’t making easy baskets early,” Iowa forward Patrick McCaffery said, “and then Kris got about 100. From then on, we were kind of rolling.”

Murray’s first-half performance eclipsed Keegan Murray’s 24 first-half sack against Nebraska last Feb. 13. He was taken out of the game with 8:40 left, so Kris still has Keegan’s career high of 37 to chase.

“I was able to leave him there and I was able to put up a really big number,” Iowa Coach Fran McCaffery said. “But we are not going to do anything. I’m not going to hurt him. I got out of it. “

Murray was named to the All-Big Ten preseason team, but he was still a player with one career start entering the season. Existence at the 2021-22 fraternal events would be burdensome for many. Moravia seems to be just fine on the shoulder.

“I think we’re getting a lot,” he said. “And he definitely had a good season last year. It’s kind of easy to fall into his shadow, I think, but I’m not the same person. I’m doing my thing at Iowa, trying to take this team as far as I can.

“I think we’re two different players, two different people, and I guess it just gives me a little more motivation to do the kind of thing that he did, and a little bit more.”

Moravia is no island. Iowa made 12 3-pointers on 26 turnover attempts. Patrick McCaffery scored the team’s first seven points of the second half and had 16 points and 3 rebounds. Connor McCaffery had a season-high 12 points and 4 assists.

Junior point guard Ahron Ulis, making his career start as Tony Perkins sustained a thigh injury, had his first two of the year with 3 assists and 4 assists.

“It was a great opportunity for me,” said Ulis. “I’ve been trying to start my whole life. It’s a dream come true for most people growing up and he just went out there and took that opportunity and ran with it.”

“He’s ready for it,” Fran McCaffery said. “He played like a veteran. … He was terrific.’

Freshman guard Josh Dix made three 3-pointers for 9 points, and freshman guard Dasonte Bowen had 7 points. Those were important weekends on both sides.

Dylan Broughan, who had the first strikeout at Moray, had six blocks. His teams fell 1-4. On November 9, the Kansas Mavericks led by 13 points at halftime in Lawrence and lost, 89-64.

They now play six straight games against teams from the Power 5 conference, starting with a bang against Clemson on Friday in the tournament in Niceville, Fla.

Then it’s either TCU or California Saturday in Niceville, Georgia Tech in Iowa City next Tuesday, Duke in New York, and Iowa State and Wisconsin in Carver.

Fran McCaffery doesn’t know if Perkins (averaging 13.3 points and 5.3 assists) will be good to go this weekend, saying “I think so, but it’s bad. I think it was done in time. “

The Iowa-Clemson game is Friday at 6 pm (CT) on the CBS Sports Network. Clemson (4-1) defeated Loyola (Md.) Monday, 72-41.

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