Elizabeth Moen to bring the anime sound to Gabe in Iowa City on Saturday ( News Iowa )

Despite a laundry list of accomplishments — touring internationally, performing at festivals, performing songs at shows like the “Bad” shows — Iowa singer-songwriter Elizabeth Moen never focused on Gabe’s Iowa City.

Moen, who now lives in Chicago, is returning to Iowa City for a grand comeback at the venue Saturday night, complete with instrumentals from his new album “Wherever You Are,” which was released on November 11.

“Iowa City is very important to me,” he said. “It’s where I started everything and it’s with some of the band that I played my first shows and I did my first tour, I did my first full hand of some things.”

She is joined by local musicians and former bandmates Elly “Penny Peach” Hofmaier, Blake Shaw, Dan Padley and David Hurlin – or Moen affectionately calls the crowd, Iowa City “all star team.”

Portrait of Elizabeth Moen, a singer-songwriter based in Chicago, who will perform in Gabe City, Iowa on November 26th.

A self-taught guitarist with a lively and distinctive voice, he performed earlier this year in Iowa City as part of the Creek release.

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‘Wherever You Are’ is a 10-step guide to life and personal growth

“Wherever you are” was written by Moen as she rolled over. The first track “Headgear” was released in 2019, the same year his submission on NPR’s Minya Competition Desk was recognized as a popular submission.


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