Michael B. Jordan on Bradley Cooper and Denzel Washington | Entertainment ( News Washington )

Michael B. Jordan took tips from Bradley Cooper and Denzel Washington. The 35-year-old actor is making his directorial debut in the latest “Rocky” spin-off film, and he admits he was nervous about the task at hand, but he soon got into his “groove” and came to enjoy the experience. This page requires Javascript. Javascript is … Read more

A Mexican asylum seeker has his sights set on the north – in Canada ( News Washington )

MONTREAL – Pedro Meraz says living in Colima, Mexico, has been like living in a war zone, with shootings, burning cars and mutilated bodies left outside schools. When his wife Rocio Gonzalez, a 28-year-old lawyer who worked with abused women, began receiving death threats from the cartel and local authorities ignored pleas for help, they … Read more

Kidnappings, kidnappings cited in Tigray, Ethiopia after the introduction ( News Washington )

Comment on this story Comment KAMPALA, Uganda — Ethiopia’s federal military allies are looting property and carrying out mass detentions in Tigray, according to witnesses and aid workers. The reports raise new concerns about the alleged atrocities more than three weeks after the warring factions agreed to a truce that diplomats and others hoped would … Read more

A French man wins the right not to be ‘fun’ in the cause of wrongful termination at work ( News Washington )

Comment on this story Comment France’s highest court has ruled that a man who was fired by a Paris-based consultancy firm because he was “fun” enough to work was unfairly dismissed. Man, in the documents of the court Mr. T, reported, was fired by Cubik Partners in 2015 after he refused to participate in seminars … Read more

The Washington State Legislature is almost complete with leaders ahead of the 2023 session National News ( News Washington )

OLYMPIA – Not much will change in the state Legislature in the next session in Washington, although there is hope from the Republicans that they can win at least one chamber. Democrats will enter 2023 with large majorities in both the state House of Representatives and the state Senate. As of Wednesday, Democrats will likely … Read more

White vision is often benign, but it can indicate heart or other conditions ( News Washington )

Comment on this story Comment If you’ve always had your vision “out of the blue” (or “gray”), you’ve probably felt a little out of your experience. “You’ll see a bright light, and your vision will fade,” says Teri K. Geist, commissioner of the American Optometric Association. Undiagnosed as they are, white vision is generally benign. … Read more