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With that said, feel free to experiment and find which ones work best for you. Also includes (5) 9cm long swim baits and (5) 7g jig head as shown.

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Croix but with 15# mono.

Best swim jig size. One thing i learned was to have different colors and sizes. Different types of bass jigs are designed for different situations, ranging from open water to thick cover. “on the other hand, the warmer the water, the more action bass usually want.

They also have a ton of different color options to choose from. 8 posts • page 1 of 1. Where i fish, the best colors were black/blue and green (watermelon).

But if you’re fishing in deep water, or in heavy cover, you can increase the size up to 2 oz, and if you’re throwing a finesse jig, you can reduce the weight down to 3/16 oz. Check out the video below where i’ll teach you how to choose the right hook shank length so you can catch more fish. Choosing the right size jig head is incredibly important, and we’re not talking about jig head weight here… we’re talking about the hook shank length.

Fishing vault fully rigged 5 arms 8 bladed alabama umbrella rig bass lure w/swim baits and jig heads included. I throw mine on a 7′ m st. Swim jigs have a reputation for catching big bass out of heavy cover.

There is no telling how many tournaments have been won or giant bass caught on a swim jig. Fishing a swim jig is arguably one of the best techniques to use during any time of year!i personally think this lure excels in the spring.although, i have one tied on anytime the water is over 50 degrees! Bullet head jig is a swim jig.

I’ve experimented with a lot of trailers, and the tail kick plus the body shake on this swimbait makes a swim jig look even more incredible in the water. One day, the bass may go for that 3/8 oz or 1/2 oz jig and the next, they will ignore it and hit a 1/4 oz strike king bitsy bug with a zoom super chunk jr trailer. Croix for most applications and then the 7′ mh for the heavy cover setup.

“my basic rule of thumb for swimming a jig is the colder the water, the slower i swim the jig and the less trailer action i want. It’s a rare day when i launch my boat without a swim jig on the front deck rigged and at the ready. Fully rigged, includes everything you need.

A specialized forum to discuss anything and everything about your favorite or not so favorite fishing rods. The op plans on casting and retreiving a jig called a swim jig. I use two different lunker lure jigs:

For bottom bouncing and darker colors i like a bbh style bait, with very little deviation form this. The best swim jig bass fishing trailer. Personally i throw santone lures chris mccall rayburn swim jig.

Goture lead head jigs soft fishing lures with hook sinking swimbaits for saltwater and freshwater. A swim jig is a smaller sized pointed nose jig head. Monsoor usually threw his on a 7′ mh st.

In my opinion, the best swim jig stick on the planet is the denali kovert lt 723wj. The best all around size for bass jigs is 3/8 to 1/2 oz. For a bladed swim jig and open water and with lighter colored baits, i like a fluke style bait.

The brainchild of jig fishing savant david walker and the latest installment in the heralded crosseyez jig lineup, the snakehead swim jig takes a cue from mother nature with a head design modeled after that of a snake to allow it to come through grass and cover easily. July 15, 2011 at 3:14 pm #981084. People vary some on their rod choice here, but i strongly suggest using something at least 7’ and something in the medium heavy range.

In my opinion they’re one of the most effective shallow water bass lures that’s ever been made. The jig head weight and shape should be selected by with size, shape design of the trailer and the cover or structure you plan to use the jig in. The ideal size for this bait when paired with a swim jig is the 3.8 and 4.3 depending on the size of your jig.

Alabama rig featuring 5 arms, and 8 willow leaf blades, 20cm long from tip of head to end of arms. Ball head is a swim jig. Facikono lures for bass jig head soft swimbait for saltwater / freshwater fishing.

I can’t tell you exactly why other than i think they look like a real minnow and they’re quiet and nonthreatening. For a regular old fashioned swimjig i like a 4 swimbait matching the skirt color. I’ve been using the strike king kvd swim jig for a few years now and love them.

Sled head jig is a swim jig. If i want a larger profile and slower bait, i use the twin tail, and if i want a faster. They come in 5/16 & 7/16 oz, those two sizes are a better fit for swim jigs.

In fact you can swim any jig design. The keitech 3.8 fat swing impact is an amazing soft plastic trailer for the v&m swim jig. Of all the swim jigs built, santone lures’ has a reputation for having the best designed and constructed.

The head design is very weedless but stands up on the bottom.

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