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Protein is made up of amino acids. But, most people feel quite confused about buying and trying the best one that will suit their taste pallet.

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If you like the blueberry flavour, we think you’ll love this one too.

Best myprotein flavour poll. Taste of britain limited edition flavours available in impact whey protein. I’d rate the best myprotein flavours as chocolate smooth, strawberry cream and vanilla. We give the chocolate mint flavour a 4/5.

Myprotein chocolate brownie is the first flavor i’ve ever tried from this brand. These taste very good and are very juicy. Following up on this post rating all the myprotein impact whey flavours from 2018 (which was a follow up to this post) , and due to it being a constant in many protein and fitness threads;

Voted salted caramel but i literally buy both those flavors, use the caramel as post workout with almond milk and put the chocolate brownie in smoothies or mixed with greek yogurt. Buy on myprotein (uk & europe) buy on myprotein (us) buy on amazon. In the reviews on the impact whey page, on reddit, and on online polls, it seems like chocolate mint and chocolate brownie are also top.

Here is the link to the survey! A great myprotein flavour for post workout. 8 of the best myprotein flavors.

(i used it with water mostly but sometimes i use milk if i can) i need to know which is better vote below! Best myprotein flavour list for 2019: Here are a few of the best.

I figured i would make an updated form that people can vote on. As a follow up to this awesome post on r/fitness from last year, i was hoping we could have an updated myprotein impact whey flavor rating now that some of the flavors have been discontinued and others have been added. We clearly can see 2 small peaks at 25 and 62.

We love all four, but unfortunately they won't all be staying! Some people like to take amino acid capsules or tablets to get the exact blend of amino acids that they want. Which flavour/s have you tried and just how tasty do you think they are?

Currently over 200 responses on the poll! Just avoid banana flavours no matter the brand, ugh. If you’re a fan of mixing sweet flavors with savory ones, the salted caramel protein powder is a product you should try out.

Buying whey protein from myprotein. The powder is blended quite well. 114kcal, 25g protein, 1.8g carbohydrates, 0.55g fat.

After solely drinking optimum nutrition gold standard for years and years, i’m happy to move on to a. Whey protein now comes in many different flavors. Best myprotein flavors to get the perfect taste.

The histogram show the number of answers for each person. (original post by imperialmint) i am thinking of getting the unflavoured impact whey protein from myprotein. Due to its popularity they have being constantly.

We have all heard of myprotein and many of us also know that they have quickly gained a reputation for their affordable and high quality supplements. A lot of new flavours have been introduced in the past 2 years since the post was made and it would be great if we can all learn what everyone. These people thought they had to fill in every answer to see the results.

I have previously got flavoured versions but unflavoured is about £11 cheaper than flavoured (for 5kg), contains 3% more protein and won't have any artificial sweeteners or sugar in. When plotting the number of answers for each participant, results were expected: I know the pie charts are not the best way to view the data, i will be working on.

And to say the least, it’s already made a good impression on me. Scifit fat free beef stix: They mix well and are easily some of the best flavours to have with water.

The mark of a really good protein is one that tastes great with water, and that’s why the best flavor — and the best chocolate flavor — is actually… best overall optimum nutrition flavor. Mh opted for the chocolate flavouring of mp’s new thewhey protein. (the one who stopped at 25 didn’t bother filling results for non us stores).

Lemon cheesecake is leading the vote, followed by rhubarb & custard in our taste of britain favourite flavour poll. Hi all, i've analysed the results of the 2018 myprotein whey survey, that did recently. It offers a delectable blend between two drastically different flavor profiles.

The chocolate peanut butter myprotein flavour has a good smell, a good taste and is slightly creamy. Chocolate peanut butter (great for cooking and good for protein shakes), chocolate smooth (just a good general flavour for cooking or protein shakes), cinnamon danish, irish coffee, cookies and cream and apple crumble and custard (sickly, doesn’t taste like the target flavour really) 1. My protein impact whey is one of their most popular products and it comes with some very good feedback in customer reviews.

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