Best Chorus Pedal For Bass

The wobbly, shimmering chorus effect is a popular bass effect pedal used in countless recordings and live performances, definitely one to add to the list. It even offers a stereo output.

Buy a Zoom MS 70CDR MultiStomp Chorus Delay Reverb Pedal

No loss of low end, and you can even boost the low end if you want.

Best chorus pedal for bass. If you're looking to spend a little less, then the tc electronic june 60 v2 takes the number two spot. The behringer uc200 ultimate stereo chorus pedal is the least expensive chorus pedal for bass yet has the ability to provide decent quality effects when needed. See details, pricing, and reviews on amazon.

The hc33 bass chorus pedal by harke is another entity on our list of the best chorus pedals for bass. It has both the normal rate and depth, but also a bass sweep knob and a mix control. Behringer uc200 ultimate stereo chorus instrument effects pedal.

Overall i would say that this is the best chorus pedal under 100 dollars. If you’ve ever slammed your hand down on a table in a room and heard a slight echo come off the impact sound, you’ve just done the same thing that a delay pedal does. Choosing the best chorus pedal for you is largely down to finding one where the timbre and options gel with what you're creatively trying to achieve.

Hartke hc33 analog bass chorus. Aguliar chorusaurus bass chorus pedal ; It features fully analog circuitry in a stompbox style pedal.

The control of your bass is in your hands and this pedal does everything simple for you. Koogo bass eq 5 band graphic equalizer: 2 of the best chorus pedals for bass guitar.

May 23, 2019 no comments analog chorus chorus boss chorus effect pedal. But the aguilar chorusaurus succeeds in delivering lush, tasty, bucket brigade analog chorus to your bass guitar in a compact form factor. The bass sweep lets you keep the lows clean and only effecting the highs.

I am a control freak with effects, i tried many chorus pedals out, and the boss bass chorus is the best. You can choose analog chorus pedal or digital chorus pedal. In fact, it has some features that make it ideal for that application.

Many bass players use the chorus effect on their bass sound. Mxr m83 bass chorus deluxe boss and mxr make the most popular chorus pedals, but the m83 is a little more feature filled to include a flanger too. Bass and guitar players often use chorus.

With true bypass, a durable metal housing a pure analog circuitry, this pedal performs to a very high standard. It's simple, looks great, sounds brilliant and costs a. The best sounding by far was the mxr bass chorus deluxe.

Your low end stays intact, and a blend knob dials in the right level of subtlety. If you aren’t a fan of digital pedals, then the hartke hc33 analog bass chorus is likely the best pedal for you. Affordable & best guitar effects pedal.

With this pedal, the full chorus effect can be heard clearly all the way down to the low b without ever sounding muddy. Great quality guitar effects pedal. 5 best chorus pedal for bass reviews 1.

Before we talk about the sound quality, let’s discuss the actual pedal itself. Bass chorus pedals tend to get a bad rap. A useful tool both in the studio and on the stage, the ensemble analog chorus pedal by mooer offers fantastic modulation effects at a fair price.

We like this chorus pedal from behringer because it doesn’t disappoint. Beaspire nux chorus bass guitar effect pedal. This graphic equalizer pedal is absolutely the best bass eq pedal for bass guitar.

The depth knob controls the sweep of the modulation. 5 knobs, but easy to dial in. Eq (graphic equaliser) pedals are very useful tools for bassists, especially when playing in a live setting such as a gig, rehearsal or jam session.

It also has bass and treble eq on the pedal which makes all the difference to me. Jhs pedals 3 series (3schorus): This pedal features three knobs to help you control your effects.

Has a flanger effect too if that's of interest. Isolate bad frequencies and personalize your tone. A handful of the best chorus pedals for bass around:

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