November Class KidsPost: Preschool Elementary in Washington, DC

Comment on this story Comment Brenda Douyon’s fourth-grade class at The Guardian School in Washington, DC is the November Class of KidsPost. The school is located in Camp Barker, a temporary home during the Civil War for formerly enslaved people. Douyon’s students told us that their families are amazed, they are great graphic-novel readers, and … Read more

Study of heart disease trends reflects diversity among Asian Americans

(FatCamera/E+ via Getty Images) Cardiovascular disease rates differ greatly among Asian American groups, but are rising faster for most of them than for white adults, new research from Northern California suggests. Only Japanese Americans and those of Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander descent do not experience a faster rise in heart disease, according to findings … Read more

Fine Dining Lovers’ Brain Food Forum, New York City

Combined with the recent United States regional finals S.Pellegrino Young Chefs Academy Competition in New York City; Finally, Dining Lovers The judges of the competition round the market to discuss some of the hot-button issues surrounding the restaurant industry. The event, put on the funny in New York once again Chelsea MarketIt was the last … Read more